Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marla Olmstead

Poor Marla, I hate that a four year old who just likes painting got caught up in a huge controversy. I really don't think at the time she had any idea what was going and but I really feel like it was dangerous for her. I also feel bad for her mom. I don't think her mom had any bad intentions and she was also trying her best to avoid the whole thing blowing up. Personally I feel like it was the dad provoked the media. In nearly every interview he seemed nervous like he was trying to hide something. Maybe he was just genuinely nervous but he seemed to push Marla a lot to work harder. I think that even if he was helping her it shouldn't have been such a huge ordeal. She was only 4 at the time and 4 year olds do need some direction but I also feel like she never really was the prodigy the media made her out to be. Her mother never considered her anything other than just her 4 year old daughter that likes to paint.

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