Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mike Kelley

Honestly I think Mike Kelley is a bit strange but I really like his work with stuffed animals and how accepting he is of other peoples opinions on his art. I like how he never thought of his stuffed animal installations relating to child abuse until someone else mentioned it and then he started looking at his art from that view and taking that into consideration as well while making the pieces. I find that really intresting because I don't know if I'd be capable of doing that. I'm quite accepting of how other people interpenetrate me work but I know how I mean for my pieces to make me feel and how I want them to be expressed and I could try but I don't know how much I could incorporate others opinions with out changing the entire piece itself. I do think his use of stuffed animals is really unique. It reminds me a bit of Jessica Stockholder but it also leaves me wondering where he gets his stuffed animals. I wonder if they have sentimental value, were found at a thrift store or antique shop, or if it's just things he bought for the piece. I think depending on where he got the stuffed animals might change some of the meaning behind the piece.

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  1. If you are wondering where he got the stuffed animals from, he explained it in an interview. He is a hoarder and he collected them over time from yard sales; just like the year books he collected over 3 decades. Much love Jasmine